88 Sessions Wraps, Content Rolling Out in the Summer

First step: Musical performances with cutting-edge local acts in the recently renovated 133-seat Cinefest Theater at Georgia State University.

Next on tap: Editing sessions where a team of students process the recordings to prepare them for the airwaves and for online viewing.

The final step this summer? Video uploads and on-air broadcasts, when listeners all over metro Atlanta get to hear the results of the latest Album 88 project, 88 Sessions.

The efforts began with a 2015 renovation of Cinefest to accommodate musical performances, including the installation of an audio mixer board in a monitoring area. The band Ricer performed in the space that semester, and in Spring 2016, the Album 88 staff produced a trial concept of a recording project featuring the artist Big Brutus.

In Fall 2016, the staff of six student video and audio editors joined the team to work with Casey Williams, GSTV Technical Supervisor, to film and record audio for artists in Cinefest. The eventual goal is make a monthly feature out of 88 Sessions; dedicating a week to playing recordings in drive time and uploading videos of the performances concurrently.

These shows are still growing, and only getting better!

– Casey Williams, Technical Supervisor, GSTV

The Sessions staff recorded artists ranging from Nai.Brxx, ClaVVs and the Pheels. It also uploaded content from Ethereal this spring. The staff is now hard at work editing material for the summer and making plans for the fall.

Bryce McNeil, Assistant Director for Student Media, believes the potential for distribution of content is great and not just limited to Album 88. The Digital Media Group debuted its mobile application in Google Play and Apple’s app stores this February. McNeil envisions video being embedded into this app as well.

The idea is to reach audiences via multiple platforms. We have a vision of rolling out content on-air and then drawing people to follow up online and on mobile devices to find the video.

– Bryce McNeil, Assistant Director for Student Media

One student who believes in the collaborative potential of the project is Katie Leaman. A DJ at Album 88 and producer for the Sessions project, Leaman assumes leadership of GSTV this spring. Leaman envisions GSTV volunteers working the Album 88 team to fine tune the process of recording artists in the Cinefest space and possibly beyond.

88 Sessions is a life changing opportunity! The program not only provides education on how to run a live venue and concert from start to finish, but also allows students a chance to hone in on their audio and visual recording skills.

– Katie Leaman, GSTV General Manager

Students interested in volunteering for Album 88 are encouraged to email McNeil at bmcneil1@gsu.edu. The current application window for new volunteers is open until May 1 at 5:15 p.m. Students can fill out applications at 310 Student Center East during the office hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.