Album 88 is Now in Session(s)

88 Sessions features artists that Album 88 listeners will find very familiar, such as Wiley from Atlanta, Orchid Mantis and Floral Print. Originally, 88 Sessions was devised as a means to hear great audio recordings from the Atlanta music community. However, it quickly evolved into a full audio-video project with two settings. For Leaman, whose interest in film brought her to GSTV and whose interest in music brought her to Album 88, the 88 Sessions project was a perfect fit.

Viewers of the 88 Sessions get to see artists in both a stage and a studio setting. For one Tuesday each month, a group of Georgia State students film an artists’ performance at the university’s student-run theater, Cinefest, while they are interviewed by Album 88 DJs in the radio station’s studios.

Katie Leaman wears many hats but luckily two of them go very well together: GSTV General Manager and 88 Sessions Coordinator.

As a film major, 88 Sessions provides me with the perfect opportunity to mesh my major with my passion for music. The station introduced me to so many of my favorite bands. This provides a chance to give back to the people and the community that has given me so much.

~ Katie Leaman, 88 Sessions Coordinator

88 Sessions gives bands and musicians a space that they might not otherwise have. It also allows listeners with a visual and auditory opportunity to learn more about their favorite artists and Atlanta’s incredibly diverse and vibrant music scene.

Leaman leads a team of 88 Sessions volunteers that ranges from two to six students per shoot, depending on the the artist being filmed. The team will have filmed four artists by the end of the Fall semester and hope to film five more in Spring.

Students get to learn a variety of skills from networking with bands to stage setup to general editing. It’s a great multimedia educational experience in addition to providing great content for our listeners.

Students are welcome to attend recording sessions and can refer to the Georgia State University calendar for upcoming events. McNeil confirms that the staff is already in communication with Spotlight to reserve recording dates for the Spring semester.