Listen - WRAS Album 88 - Black, white and blue headphones emitting black lightning bolts while connected to a smartphone.

To listen to Album 88 immediately in digital format, choose an option from the sidebar.

There are several different ways to listen to Album 88, whether on your car radio, mobile device or computer:

  • Terrestrial: Album 88 broadcasts 7 p.m. – 5 a.m. in 100,000 watts on WRAS-FM and WRAS-HD1. Turn to 88.5 on the dial.
  • HD Radio: Atlanta listeners can find Album 88 24/7 on WRAS-HD2 (88.5) on their HD radio.
  • Mobile: You can find Album 88 on the Georgia State app (download and click on the “Radio” button) or the TuneIn app (search WRAS-HD2).